Vicente Pimentel

Vincente Pimentel was born in Santo Domingo in 1947. He studied at the National school of Fine Arts in Santo Domingo and at L’ecole d’ Art and Architecture in France. He currently lives and works in Paris, France.

He plays the role of the middleman as he communicates memories of his native land and historical grounds onto canvas. By creating his own natural inks from different soils he has collected throughout the world, he is literally able to make his art from scratch. These unique inks are used to create layers of textured stains on paper and canvas. Giving each piece an organic connection that meets an aesthetically pleasing nature.

In 1982, Pimentel obtained the “Ville de Vitry” award in France. He has public collections in several places such as the Museum of Art & Technology in Florida, The Fonds National d’Art Contemporain in Paris, The National Museum of Modern Art in Santo Domingo and the Pompidou Collection in France.


He has individual exhibitions in New York, Chicago, Paris, Stockholm and his hometown, Santo Domingo. Collectively he has showed in places like Madrid, Paris, Stockholm, Canary Island, London, Havana, Rijeka (Yugoslavia), Nice and Copenhagen.