Heloisa Pomfret          


Heloisa Pomfret born in San Paulo, Brazil is an artist strongly attached to matter, to textures and experimentation with materials. Her work aims to recreate the interrelationships between order and chaos, the compositional balance and the lack of it. Her visual systems are mobile, unstable, turbulent, and are based on thick grooves on the oil, in the manner of cracks and wounds marked on the material. Heloisa creates wounds on painting, produces incisions in different directions and with varying degrees of depth. To do this, she uses her hands or other sharp objects. The end result is wonderful: a jumble of lines that interconnect with each other, while cross, rub, struggle and challenge through bold visual movements. Heoisa’s work is in this sense a metaphor for the psychological and physical violence. It is a representation of the discomfort of body and mind. A recreation of emotional disturbances and thought disorders. According to the artist:

“My work reflects the process of entrapment, both physical and psychological, created by the events of everyday life, whether caused by acts of aggression, or simply existential. The energy of chaos and violence is used as theoretical support to the mark making and constructs of my work; the surface of my work is often an analogy to the body and memory, in which experience occurs and is transformed.”

Some critics have wanted to see in her works certain allusions to her roots and Brazilian culture, to which the artist belongs. Especially when it relates to aboriginal cultures. The method of the artist, based on several layers of paint, and then place an entirely black coat and begin to scratch the paint, may have certain references to aboriginal cultures. Her work is almost magical and ritual. Definitely.