Hugo McCloud

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Born in Palo Alto, California in1980, Hugo McCloud is one of the most prolific young artists working today. Self-taught with a background in industrial design, McCloud’s practice is unrestricted by classical, academic tenets. His journey starts by utilizing an alchemical approach. Using discarded items he incorporates a chemical oxidation process, manipulating overlooked materials such as copper sheets, wire clothes, tarpaper and other discarded construction based materials.

McCloud has a way of redirecting the focus of beauty to all that is decomposing and undeveloped allowing it to shine in a new light. The viewers are able to appreciate the spark the composition of the materials dialogue to them. The material corrodes, contaminates and transforms, which guide the design process. His approach is instinctive and physical, often working on the floor, sanding, hammering and torching his materials untila total metamorphosis takes place.


Hugo was part of the Young Curators, New Ideas IV at Meulensteen in New York. With a design and construction background, McCloud counts squatter camps, shanties, barrios and natural decay as his urban architectural influences.

In 2015, McCloud was the subject of solo exhibitions at The Arts Club, London and at Fondazione 107 in Turin, Italy. McCloud was most recently featured in the group exhibition, A Constellation at The Studio Museum in Harlem, New York.