Connie Noyes: In the beginning everything fit together perfectly.

September 14, 2013 – October 12, 2013

“What began innocently as a tender whisper of love, ended in a scream of terror. Such is the beginning of life and its contradictions.” – Connie Noyes 2007

This work is an examination of physical geography- of internal and external landscapes. It is an exploration of primal urges both aggressive and tender – allowed to exist in the same space. It is an awareness of everyday life. Profound. Mundane.

The materials I choose quarrel. Oil and water push and pull in the creation of the work. Each material leaves individual marks. The intertwined energies add to the complexity of the story.

I work with a series of random interactions and gestures, no preconceived ideas of what should exist beforehand. Each piece begins with a gesture. The mark may be bold and energetic, a series of small dots or anything in between. The nature of the initial gesture influences both the image and emotional content that follows.